About the Zero Emission Network

Accelerating the deployment of CCUS throughout Europe 

CCUS ZEN enables knowledge sharing between different stakeholders and between European regions to support full chain development of CCUS.

By drawing on learnings from ongoing and past projects, CCUS ZEN aims to build a coherent ecosystem of CCUS actors capable of decarbonising Europe’s industry and delivering the European Union’s climate target plan. 

Industry Clusters

CCUS ZEN is exploring the potential for enabling CCUS value chain deployment in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea regions.

Knowledge Platform

Access a range of shared knowledge, experience and advice to help drive forward CCUS deployment in Europe.

CCUS in Europe

Find out how CCUS technology works, why Europe needs its rapid delivery and what progress has already been made.

Latest news & events


The bi-annual Trondheim CCS Conference series is a leading scientific CCS technology conference. Since its inception in 2003, the conference has developed to become a globally important meeting place for over 400 CCS experts. The conference typically has 150 oral presentations, five or six parallel sessions, over 100 posters and world-leading keynote speakers. The 12th conference, TCCS-12, will build on the heritage of the previous conferences, and will be held June 19-21, 2023, in Trondheim, Norway.

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2nd European Underground Energy Storage Workshop

To find out more about this event, including the agenda and registration, click the link below

Industry veteran returns to Trondheim

We profile Eirik Falck da Silva, our project coordinator

In our relatively young carbon capture and storage (CCS) industry, Eirik Falck da Silva, our project coordinator, can be considered a veteran.

Looking through ads for PhDs back home while working as a research scientist for Mitsubishi Chemicals in Japan, he settled on an opportunity to study carbon capture at his alma mater the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).